It was almost two years ago that this wife and mother of three sat down at the piano and asked the Lord to teach her to play.  As she put her hands to the keys, the Lord began to bring together the things she knew in her heart and mind about music and made sense of it on the piano.  By the end of the night she was playing one worship song after another and within that month she had written her first song.  From that point on, the songs have continued to pour out.  The Lord used this as a very personal time of healing and encouragement in her life, and although she felt very content to keep her songs as a personal journal, the Lord was preparing her to be willing to share these songs in whatever capacity He would ask.  So, when she felt the Lord clearly asking her to make a recording she immediately began to work towards it and the Lord has opened doors in amazing ways.   Monica has been truly gifted to write, play and sing, and this offering of her gifts is to her Father and for whatever He desires to accomplish through it!  The Lord has made her confident in what He has called her to and it is with great joy that she embraces it.  “He has put a message in my heart and set it to music.  He’s put a song in my heart and given me a voice for singing.  I know that now more that ever.”


Monica’s debut album entitled There Is A Place is a compilation of songs she’s written in the last two years. “These songs are a reflection of the way the Lord has met me through many different circumstances and given me rest from striving, healing from hurts, joy in the ordinary, hope in my doubting, and brought me to a new place of accepting his unconditional love for me.”

 Her distinct voice is soothing and textured as it points you to take a closer look at the Father’s heart. Her style and songs are fresh and unique, creating a much needed niche in the Christian music scene. Although most of the songs would not be considered “worship” in today’s trend, they have definitely come from a passionate heart of worship and gratitude to God, and there is a rich, authentic, spirit-led life behind her music and voice.  She has an honest desire that these songs would lift eyes and hearts to Him and that He would be adored, and she believes that it is God’s hope that as we lift our eyes to Him we will see that we are adored.